Rund Faising

Every Saturday morning for the last three months, I’ve been getting up early (for a Saturday) and going for a run.  These runs have, over time, extended from short jaunts to respectable runs; lately, they’ve graduated to daunting distances.  The purpose of this odd behaviour is to get me ready for the Cork City Marathon.

I originally decided to run a Marathon in October 2011, when my good friend Michael bravely completed the Dublin Marathon on a leg that banjaxed itself somewhere around the 25th kilometer.  In a moment of mildly inebriated solidarity, I promised him we would run together the following year, and that it would be easy.  I started training for the Dublin Marathon in 2012, and I completed the half-marathon in flying form.  After the half-marathon, though, I found it very difficult to increase my distances.  I would come home tired, and I would hurt for days after my weekend run.  I didn’t end up running the Dublin Marathon last year, but then, neither did Michael, so I didn’t feel that bad.

We’ve been talking about this trip to Africa for a long time, and when we decided that we were going to do it, I decided that I would run a Marathon to raise some funds.  A small amount of research, and I discovered that the Cork City Marathon was the one that suited.  I’ve been more careful about my training, and I’ve been taking better care of my body, and things are easier.

Yesterday, I ran 29.2km (just over 18 miles in old money) in just over 3 hours, and afterwards, while I felt tired, there was none of the black fatigue that had dogged me previously.  According to my training schedule, I need to run that again next week end and I’m (mostly) ready for the big day.  Which works out pretty well, because the Cork City Marathon is on the June bank holiday weekend.

I’m asking those of you who can to sponsor me to run the marathon.  We’ve a donations page on this blog that explains a little bit about what we’re doing and why we’re asking for donations.  You can either sponsor me there, or click on the button below.

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About Niall

I am a twenty-something tech-guy from Ireland. I like music and books and films and computers in that order. I also enjoy a good beer and a bad joke. I have played guitar and bass in a number of bands around Dublin for what has recently passed 10 years. I am looking for something new to say...
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