Hi, and thanks for making it this far.  We are really excited about the opportunity to share our enthusiasm and skills with a community in the developing world, and we’re asking those of you who can to give us a little bit of help along the way.  Below is an excerpt from the letter we were given by our volunteer co-ordinators:

Niall and Helen are participating in EIL’s Volunteer Abroad programme in South Africa.  EIL is a designated Peace Messenger by the United Nations.  They will be be volunteering in South Africa for 8 weeks. During their time they will live in the local community and work unpaid for up to 40 hours per week on a volunteer project.
The cost of the trip, including programme costs (living expenses, etc.) and flights are borne by the participants themselves.

More information on EIL and the work that they do can be found at

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Aside from blogging, how else are you raising funds?
Niall is running the Cork City Marathon, and asking people to sponsor his effort. We will also be running a Table Quiz in late June – stay tuned for more details on that.
Do you have a MyCharity or a FundIt page?
We do not. With MyCharity, any funds raised go directly to the charity listed. As we must pay EIL ourselves, we cannot accept sponsorship through MyCharity. We are not asking you to pay for a holiday; we will be working hard for 8 weeks in a disadvantaged community, in a completely separate country. We will not be swanning around in fancy hotels, we will be staying with a family in a South African township. If you think the work that will be doing has value, then please consider donating. If not, then we’d ask you at least to keep reading our blog.
As for FundIt – that’s primarily for creative endeavours, and while we will most certainly be creative while away, that’s not the purpose of the trip.
Other Questions
If you have any other questions, please let us know at takeonestepforwardblog [at]

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